What We Do

We offer affordable living spaces and furniture for lone soldiers, understanding the challenges of settling in a new country. Our training programs aim to boost skills and confidence, and our support system connects soldiers with others and professionals for guidance. We're here to help with any challenge, ensuring you're never alone.

Support and Resources for Daily Living

Social Support and Community Building

Education and Career Support

Health and Wellness Support

We focus on social support and community building for lone soldiers. Recognizing the need for a strong support network, we organize social events and help soldiers connect and build friendships. Our program also links soldiers with families for emotional support during their military journey. We're committed to creating a supportive community where soldiers can thrive together.
Our organization is dedicated to helping lone soldiers with education and career support. We offer resources for soldiers to continue their education and aid in job connections and interview skills. Our commitment is to support soldiers in achieving their educational and career goals, ensuring a bright future.
We provide health and wellness support for lone soldiers in Israel, focusing on mental health. We connect soldiers with therapists and psychiatrists for issues like PTSD and anxiety, at discounted rates. Additionally, we offer legal support through lawyers willing to volunteer their time. Our goal is to address the unique challenges of lone soldiers and support their overall well-being.