Being Present For The Ones That are Here for Us

Welcome to Never Alone

We help lone soldiers accomplish their great mission for the country. Whether it's finding affordable living spaces, personal and combat training, mental health support, legal advice, and connections to education and job opportunities.

Our goal is to create a supportive community for lone soldiers from abroad, helping them to feel more at home and providing the resources they need to succeed. Join us and become a part of our community today.

Our Projects 

Support and Resources for Daily Living

  • Providing affordable living spaces and furniture

  • Offering personal training and combat training

  • Offering a friendly face to reach out to

Health and Wellness Support

  • Providing discounted therapeutic and psychiatric support to soldiers coping with PTSD, depression, anxiety, or similar challenges.

  • Assisting soldiers in locating pro bono lawyers offering their time and expertise.

Social Support and

Community Building

  • Connecting lone soldiers with each other

  • Providing social events for soldiers to relax and socialize

  • Helping soldiers find families to "adopt" them

Education and Career Support

  • Helping soldiers find ways to go back to school and receive education

  • Assisting soldiers with job connections and interview skills

Our hope is to be there for the soldier like an older brother is there for the younger brother

After the brutal attack on Israel on October 7th, many Soldiers were called to defend the country, leading to a military operation against Hamas in Gaza.
This escalation required substantial resources and deeply affected many, particularly lone soldiers. Following this, our organization is more dedicated than ever to providing vital support to these courageous individuals in their time of need

October 7th

In light of recent events, our focus on supporting soldiers in Israel has intensified.

We work relentlessly, showing that in tough times, we stand closer together.

Our organization is able to exist thanks to volunteers and generous people around the globe who donate to keep us going